Artizen is on a mission to radically expand support for artists who impact culture

My God, Help Me to Survive This Deadly Love by Dmitri Vrubel

Art impacts our cultureby showing us who we are or who we might become

The Problem We All Live With by Norman Rockwell

Culture determines how we interact with each other and the planet at scale

Edward Burtynsky from Manufactured Landscapes

Today's global culture hasbrought us to the brink ofecological and social collapse

Kai Löffelbein from Ctrl-X

Artists must rebuild ourglobal culture to foster loyaltyto humankind and planet earth

Truth is Beauty by Marco Cochrane

Artizen is a new system to radically expand supportfor artists who impact culture

Love Is In The Air, Flower Thrower by Banksy

An open source platform,Artizen unites your communityto fund and curate artist grants

Community Meeting by Kristal Passy

Harness the power of your community to support artists
and rebuild our global culture 

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