Artizen grants are funded and curated by your community

New system to support artists

An open source project, Artizen grants are funded and curated by your community. Membership dues from grant supporters are pooled and awarded to projects selected by fellow fans, creators, and industry leaders providing more sustainable support for the artists in your community.

Create an Artizen grant for your community

Artizen makes it easy for anyone to create a new grant. Our unique crowdfunding model gives you the freedom to craft and control your grant while empowering your community to fund and curate the awards. 

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Funded by fans, artists, and industry leaders

Artizen harnesses the goodwill of your community to fund grants that support artists. In exchange for monthly dues, grant supporters earn upvote credits, perks, and public recognition as leaders in art, tech, and entertainment.

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Simple and transparent community curation

Each month grant supporters receive a fixed number of upvote credits to review project submissions. At the end of the award cycle, the project with the most upvotes automatically wins the grant.

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Raised by Artists





Why members love us

Martina Welkhoff

Loren Hammonds

Anatola Araba

WXR Fund

Tribeca Film Festival

Independent Artist

"Artizen helped me unite my community to fund and curate a new grant that 

supports female artists."

"Supporting an Artizen Grant is a powerful way to amplify your cultural impact and support independent artists." 

"After winning two Artizen Grants, my project is now in production with the support of an amazing team."


What type of artists are supported by Artizen grants?

Artizen grants aim to support all types and disciplines of artists including game developers, filmmakers, creative coders, musicians, dancers, composers, choreographers, visual artists, writers, XR creators, illustrators, designers, and more. If you don't see a grant that supports your creative discipline, we encourage you to create a new grant focused on supporting artists like you.   

What benefits do I get when I support a grant?

Artizen grants reward you for supporting the artists in your community. When you become a grant supporter you receive upvote credits and submit credits to review project submissions and compete for grant awards, and earn public recognition as a community leader. And with membership tiers that range in price from free to large dollar sponsorships, Artizen makes it easy for everyone in the community to become a grant supporter

How do I create a new grant on Artizen?

We do not yet allow our members to create new grants directly on our platform. Instead, we work with our members to collaboratively launch new grants. If you are interested in creating a new grant to support the artists in your community, please email us at [email protected] to get started for free.

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