Crowdfund a new grant to support the artists in your community 

Harness the power of your community

Artizen allows you to bring together your community to fund and curate new grants. By pooling resources with other fans, creators, and industry leaders, your grant will harness the goodwill of your community and provide sustainable support for the artists you love. 

Easy, free, and effective to create and run grants

Artizen makes it easy for anyone to create a grant for free. Thanks to our unique crowdfunding model, Artizen gives you the freedom to craft and control your grant while empowering your community to fund and curate the awards. 

Earn recognition and recurring revenue

Create an Artizen grant to earn public recognition as a community leader and generate a new stream of recurring revenue. Each month you'll receive a split of the total money raised for your grant and gain exposure for you, your brand, and the artists in your community. 


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Vallejo Gantner

Jesse Damiani

Gayatri Parameswaran

Transformations Grant

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Femme Futures Grant

"Artizen helped me unite my community to fund and curate a new grant that supports the performing arts."

"Creating a grant on Artizen was simple, fast, and allowed me make a positive impact in my community."

"As a grant creator I earn a recurring stream of income and get to connect with some of the biggest players in my industry."

Popular Features

Public recognition

Grant creators receive featured profile, a seat on the board, logo placement, sponsor message, and CTA link

Recurring revenue

Earn a split of the money raised for your grant and generate a new stream of monthly recurring revenue 

Message supporters

Send bulk messages to your grant supporters to share updates, build community, and increase funding 

Manage your board

Create and manage a board of directors for your grant with special permissions, privileges, and voting rights

Control settings

Set custom selection criteria, terms, and award cycles that repeat on a monthly, quarterly, or annual schedule

Priority support

Artizen provides priority support to grant creators via phone, chat, and email to set you up for success

Community Owned

An open source project, Artizen grants are funded and curated by your community. Membership dues from grant supporters are pooled and awarded to projects selected by fellow fans, creators, and industry leaders.


How do I create a new grant on Artizen?

We do not yet allow our members to create new grants directly on our platform. Instead, we work with our members to collaboratively launch new grants. If you are interested in creating a new grant to support the artists in your community, please email us at [email protected] to get started for free.

What type of projects can my Artizen grant support? 

Artizen grants may support any type of creative project including but not limited to films, games, comics, music, photography, dance, theater, paintings, poetry, prose, design, immersive experiences, and more. 

How much does it cost to create an Artizen Grants? 

Not only is it free to create an Artizen grant, becoming a grant owner can make you money. Each month you'll receive a split of the total money raised for your grant generating a recurring stream of revenue. Email us at [email protected] to learn more. 

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