Artist grants funded and curated by your community

Harness the power of your community

Artizen allows you to bring together your community to fund and curate new grants. By pooling resources with other fans, creators, and industry leaders, your grant will harness the goodwill of your community and provide sustainable support for the artists you love. 

Earn money, mentorship, prestige, and more 

Artizen Grants award cash prizes, mentorship from industry leaders, in-kind services, free production tools, and more. Submit your creative projects today and get the support you need to produce great work.

Discover talent and build new relationships

Get the first look at new work from top artists and emerging talent, and join a vibrant community of leaders in art, tech, and entertainment. Build relationships with the people who create, fund, and distribute the projects you love.


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Why members love us

Anatola Araba

Loren Hammonds

Gayatri Parameswaran

Grant Winner

Tribeca Film Festival

Femme Futures Grant

"After winning two Artizen Grants, my project went from an idea to a developed 3D animation with an amazing team."

"Artizen allows me to join forces with other community leaders and boost our support for independent artists."

"As a grant creator I earn a recurring stream of income and get to connect with some of the biggest players in my industry."

Popular Features

Showcase your work

Create project profiles to showcase your work, submit to grants, and attract support from industry leaders

Recurring revenue

Earn a split of the money raised for your grant and generate a new stream of monthly recurring revenue 

Message industry leaders

Connect directly with curators, distributors, and industry leaders who support work like yours

Share updates 

Share updates with the community about your work to generate momentum and stay top of mind 

Priority support

Artizen provides priority support via phone, chat, and email to help our artists get setup for success

Get honest feedback

Produce your best work with honest and direct feedback from peers and industry leaders alike

Community Owned

An open source project, Artizen Grants are funded and curated by your community. Membership dues from grant supporters are pooled and awarded to projects selected by fellow fans, creators, and industry leaders.


Is it really free to submit to grants? 

Yes! Artists can submit their projects to grants for free by becoming a Fan of a grant. Visit our pricing page for a full list of the benefits and costs of our different membership plans. 

How do I submit my projects to grants?

To submit to grants you must first create a project profile for your work. Next, simply visit a grant and click on the submit button and your off to the races! 

What type of artists are supported by Artizen grants? 

Artizen grants aim to support all types and disciplines of artists including game developers, filmmakers, creative coders, musicians, dancers, composers, choreographers, visual artists, writers, XR creators, illustrators, designers, and more. If you don't see a grant that supports your creative discipline, we encourage you to create a new grant focused on supporting artists like you.   

How do I support a grant?

There are two ways to support grants. The first is to become a grant supporter where you contribute recurring membership dues. The second is to make a one-time donation. Membership dues and donations are pooled and awarded to grant winners. 

What benefits do I get when I support a grant?

Artizen grants reward you for supporting the artists in your community. When you become a grant supporter you receive upvote credits and submit credits to review project submissions and compete for grant awards, and earn public recognition as a community leader. And with membership tiers that range in price from free to large dollar sponsorships, Artizen makes it easy for everyone in the community to become a grant supporter

How do I upvote project submissions?

Artizen grants are curated by their community of supporters. Each month grant supporters receive a fixed number of upvote credits to help select grant winners by upvoting projects they love. At the end of the award cycle, the project submission with the most upvotes automatically wins the grant. To upvote project submissions you must first launch the Review App for a specific grant and then click the Upvote button. 

How do I give feedback for project submissions?

Grant supporters are encouraged to give constructive feedback on project submissions to help artists improve their work. All feedback is open and transparent allowing for healthy community debate. To give feedback on project submissions you must first launch the Review App for a specific grant and then click the Feedback button. 

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